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        Titanium dioxide
        • Titanium dioxide
        Titanium dioxide

        Product description:

          Dedicated titanium dioxide is made of pigmented titanium dioxide (anatase type and rutile type) and specific white mineral powder as the main raw material, using liquid mechanical mechanics and ordered condensation method, and the corresponding post-processing of a Composite particles, is a new type of inorganic powder material. Dedicated titanium dioxide due to composite particles on the surface layer of TiO2 properties and composite multi-component synergistic effect and titanium dioxide with similar physical and chemical properties.

          Dedicated titanium dioxide as a white pigment can be used in plastics, coatings, paper, ceramics and other industries, titanium dioxide should play the product performance and reduce the cost of the role.

          Dedicated titanium dioxide principle of the process:

          1) inorganic solid particles ---- ultra-fine grain refinement ----- particle surface morphology transformation

          2) inorganic solid particles + TiO2 ----- dispersant, modified additives ----- homogenization -------- reaction modification ------ formation of TiO2 coating - --- impurity --- dry ------- break up -------- dedicated titanium dioxide

          Dedicated titanium dioxide functional design and preparation technology reached the international advanced level. As the nuclear material of the selection and processing of inorganic materials, nuclear materials and coated surface modification and reaction of the system set the technical link at home and abroad are the first.

          Dedicated titanium dioxide has a good adaptability and specificity to the application system, with significant cost performance and cost advantages.

          Can be customized according to the performance requirements and cost requirements of the customer application products.

          The use of large-scale industrial production technology to ensure that the performance of special titanium dioxide products, hue and batch stability; at the same time in the use of the process, with good dispersion, good leveling, product mechanical properties significantly enhanced features.

          Wide range of applications, may be willing to many areas, such as plastics, coatings, paper, rubber, ceramics and so on.

          Product cost is more than titanium dioxide has been greatly reduced.

          The production process of environmental pollution; its application can reduce the consumption of titanium resources, significant savings in water, reduce environmental load, in line with national industrial policy.


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